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OnePlus 12 to Feature Better Camera Sensors

OnePlus made a superb comeback with the OnePlus 11 after the somewhat tragic OnePlus 9 and 10 series. It offers flagship-grade performance, a good primary sensor, and excellent charging technology. But it still cannot be called a true flagship. That is because OnePlus has cut some corners here and there to keep the price in check. For example, it does not support the latest USB technology.

However, from what we can tell, that will likely change with the next iteration of number series OnePlus phones, the OnePlus 12.

New camera hardware on the OnePlus 12

As per reports, the OnePlus 12 will get major upgrades in several aspects, especially in the imaging department. For starters, we can expect a new and likely bigger sensor for the primary camera. The OnePlus 11 features a 50MP Sony IMX 890 primary sensor. It would be nice to see a Sony IMX 9xx series 1-inch sensor on its successor.

Secondly, there will likely also be a telephoto lens on the OnePlus 12—the OnePlus 11 offers optical zoom of up to 2x. The new lens suggests a more extended range of zoom. We hope the range is around 3x to 3.5x since it is ideal for portraits.

Earlier reports also hint at a new ultrawide sensor as well. Speaking of past reports, they also mention the resolution of each rear camera sensor. The primary sensor will probably be a 50MP one, the ultrawide another 50MP one, and the periscope a 64MP one. Overall, the OnePlus 12 seems to be a pretty solid upgrade over its predecessor in the imaging department.

When is the OnePlus 12 going to launch, and at what price?

According to some sources, the new OnePlus flagship is expected to launch later this year in China. As for the global markets, we can expect to see it in the first quarter of next year. Speaking of the price, there is no reliable information about it yet. However, there may be a slight increase in the price as compared to the OnePlus 11. If they increase reasonably, it would be justified considering all the upgrades.

At last, we would like to point out that none of this information is officially confirmed. And we are still very far away from the launch. So, we may or may not see some variations in the final product.

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