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Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra will Feature “8 Gen 2 for Galaxy” Chip and a Stunning Display

We already have many leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 lineup. This time, the Tab S9 Ultra appears to be loaded with industry-leading display technology. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series was a minor upgrade from the S7 series.

The base S8 model has a 120Hz TFT LCD panel, a step down from OLED. The lineup also has the slightly larger Tab S8+ and the controversial Tab S8 Ultra. The controversy was about the notch up top, which sometimes interrupts multimedia.

The biggest competitor to Samsung in the tablet space is Apple’s iPads, which still have the best performance on any tablet. The only con with the Tab S8+ was the Snapdragon 4nm Samsung 8 Gen 1 SOC, which didn’t have the best performance or stability.

Due to Samsung’s fabrication, the tablets didn’t perform very well. It’s still decent enough for an average consumer. However, you will feel the lack of performance in long-term gaming sessions, 4K video editing, and graphic design.

Samsung wins some points back with software since the DeX mode and multitasking on Galaxy Tablets is much better than iPadOS. Samsung’s software is better for a power user.

Another key advantage is that Samsung ships the tablet with an S Pen in the box. This is perfect for students who take notes or digital artists willing to draw with this tablet. Also, DeX and a keyboard replace a laptop much better than iPadOS and a keyboard.

Since performance was the only drawback of the Tab S8 series, that’s being addressed with the upcoming Tab S9 lineup.

Some leaks from Digital Chat Station said that Samsung might use the 8+ Gen 1 for the S9 series and not the 8 Gen 2. This is a letdown; however, new reports claim that the tablet will use the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy and not the 8+ Gen 1.

Reliable leaker Ice Universe on Twitter now has some exclusive leaks about the Tab S9 Ultra. According to the leak, the Tab S9 Ultra will have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SOC. The dimensions (14.6″ screen size) resemble the Tab S8 Ultra.

The resolution is supposedly 2960*1848 (WQXGA+), significantly above 1440P. We’ll probably see a 11200 mAh battery. This will provide excellent screen time if the rumour comes true, thanks to the efficient 8 Gen 2 chip.

The charging speed for the S9 Ultra is allegedly 45W. There are two other key standout features of this tablet. Reportedly, the tablet will have an IP68 water and dust resistance rating. This is good news since not even Apple’s iPads have water resistance.

Another feature is the incredible display. It’s rumoured to have a 120% DCI-P3 display. This is an upgrade from the 100% (~99.4%) coverage on the Tab S8 Ultra.

DCI-P3 means the tablet will now show colours in 10-bit with dithering, making it highly vibrant and pleasing. The colours are hard to beat, with the Mini LED iPad Pro not covering 75% of the DCI-P3 space properly.

The reports say that the weight of this tablet is 737g and will ship with an option of 16GB LPDDR5X RAM. This is currently the best in the industry. We’ll probably still see a notch on the Ultra and TFT LCD on the base model

A render from OnLeaks via Wolfoftablet shows a new design for the Tab S9 Plus. It looks like Samsung is also carrying over the individual camera ring design of the S23 lineup to the Tab S9 Plus. We’ll update you if there’s any more information about the Tab S9 series.

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