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Google Chrome Users Report “Aw Snap!” Crashes Due to Out of Memory Error

Google Chrome is the most used browser worldwide. You can easily access the content, translate the websites in the preferred language, and sync across all your devices. In addition, it is considered a secure browser that prevents you from malware and attackers.

However, Google Chrome also experiences some bugs here and there, like the other software and browsers. The issues occurring disintegrate the user experience who hopes for uninterrupted services. Now, another problem has arrived, causing the uneven operation of the browser and disheartening them.

The recent bug reported is that the users get an “Aw Snap! Error Code: Out of Memory” prompt whenever they try to browse or surface some websites. The users are furious about the problem as it has prevented them from using the Google Chrome browser when required

If you are unaware of this, this is not the first time the problem has appeared. Several reports by the affected users indicate it to be a 3-4 weeks-old bug. The problem happens even if the memory usage is ordinary. If someone opens YouTube on the browser, the tab increases memory usage faster. This goes on happening until the memory is filled. And finally, it gives the error message: “Aw, Snap! Error Code: Out of Memory”

Several users have raised complaints on social media platforms, searching for practical solutions. A user getting the error says he has been getting the message prompt consistently when using the browser. Another Redditor said he started receiving this error message a few weeks ago. He says he uses only two extensions: uBlock and Augmented Steam. The issue has been persistent for a while and experienced by many users.

For the users opting for general troubleshooting means, a user has tried clearing the cache, restarting the device, and uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Chrome Browser. Moreover, he had even turned hardware acceleration off and continued to renew the page. Some users have even tried clearing their browsing history. But nothing seems to be helpful.

On the contrary, unfortunately, the Google and official support team is unresponsive as always and hasn’t acknowledged the matter. But thankfully, we have found a solution tried by the users, and it worked.

To run the Google Chrome Browser effectively, turn off the McAfee WebAdvisor software installed on your device. To those unaware, McAfee WebAdvisor is an antivirus software providing extra security to your device while using the internet. This software is the culprit, causing the “Out of Memory” error.

We advise you to primarily disable the McAfee WebAdvisor Software installed on your Google Chrome instead of trying the basic troubleshooting methods. After you have attempted to deactivate it, let us know below if it has helped you. We hope the company recognizes the issue and provides a solution soon.

With that, we will keep updating you about the problem’s status and the department’s latest developments. So, stay tuned for that.


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