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Remix Feature in Discord: Everything You Need To Know

Starting its journey back in 2015 as a platform targeted to the gaming audience, Discord has come a long way. It has become the go-to choice for millions worldwide to stay in touch virtually. It enables users to create servers, channels, etc., making it a powerful tool for communication. As per reports, it currently has over 190 million monthly active users, which is a staggering amount.

Remix on Discord — What is it?

Like any other app, Discord constantly releases new features to cater to the needs of its ever-growing audience. One of the latest of these features is the new Remix option. You may or may not have come across it. This article will cover everything you need to know about it. And for starters, it is an image editor built into the Discord app.

Before moving ahead, let us get a few things out of the way to avoid confusion. Firstly, the Remix feature can only be used for images now. You can use the Remix option before or after sending the picture. However, if you go for the latter, note that a new image will be sent after you hit the send button instead of updating the original image. This could create confusion because, on platforms like Telegram, the original image gets updated when you do the same. All of this comes from reports by users on Reddit.

Now let us get into what this feature is actually about. As mentioned above, the Remix option allows users to edit images within the app. You can crop, rotate, and resize images before or after sending. You can also paint on and add text to images.

In addition to that, you can put emojis and static stickers on images as well. All of this enhances the way how users communicate via pictures. Also, per reports, the Remixed images get a tag in the chat to indicate they were Remixed.

As you can see, the usability is pretty limited, though it should be enough in most cases. If you want to modify how your images look, you will still have to use the general photo editors you use.


The Remix feature is currently in the beta testing stage. It is only available to a limited number of users as of now. Also, whether or not this feature will be exclusive to Discord Nitro users is not clear yet. We will learn about that after it comes out of the beta testing phase. The timeline for that is also unknown as of now.

How are the users reacting?

Since this is a new feature, it is constantly in the talks within the community. So far, the feedback has been mainly on the positive side. Most people are happy about it, saying this feature was long due.

Some believe this is unnecessary and that Discord is just bloating their app. Some also suspect that this feature will be exclusive to Discord Nitro users, which is also something that people do not usually like.

So let us see how this turns out for Discord, though we doubt it will significantly impact the user base. It is just a new feature, after all.


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