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macOS 13.4: When can we expect it to be released?

macOS 13.3 was a minor security update, and Apple added new SDKs for developers. SD Cards need user approval before connecting to the system after macOS 13.3. There were also some bug fixes for iCloud with this version.

On 25th April, we got the third developer beta of macOS 13.4. This was two weeks after the second beta, and it’s only out for registered developers. First, you have to install the appropriate beta profile.

You can find the respective beta in the Apple Developer Center. Once you have the relevant profile, you can manually update it in the System Settings. You’ll find it in the Software Updates section.

The previous method of installing betas via third-party profiles will no longer work. To use Betas, you must pay Apple an annual fee to enter the official developer testing program.

This was probably done to eliminate risky third-party profiles, but it is also a business-driven move. However, this makes updating to pre-release beta software much more straightforward.

You no longer have to get profiles from sources online. You can directly install Beta updates from the System Settings app. This more straightforward method of installation of updates first came out with iOS 16.4.

All you have to do is associate your iCloud with a developer account or a public beta account, and you must sign in to this iCloud account on your device for the update to install.

Changes in macOS 13.4 Beta 3

There was a Virtual Scanner app in the previous two betas of macOS 13.4, but Apple silently omitted it with the third beta. With this beta, even the Bitcoin whitepaper was removed.

It’s a decentralised electronic payment system that has recently been quite popular for peer-to-peer payments. The reasons for this removal are currently unknown. However, we assume Apple will add this back with future updates.

You could find specific codes earlier if you entered something in the Terminal command window, but you cannot anymore. Since there weren’t

There’s already a public beta out for macOS 13.4, and you can install it to check whether there are any bug fixes. There weren’t any widespread complaints with macOS 13.3, except for occasional Wi-Fi disconnection issues and the usual server delays.

Apple’s developer beta program is free if you only want to use the public betas. We don’t recommend installing beta software on your main computer. It’s prone to bugs, crashes, battery life problems, and software incompatibility.

When can we expect macOS 13.4 to be Released?

  • The macOS 13.4 stable update will likely be released on May 16, 2023.

As of May 9th, Apple released the Release Candidate version of macOS Ventura 13.4 for developers and public beta testers. This suggests that the official release might occur on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023.

We’re unsure about the official release date, but we know it’ll debut with iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5. Since WWDC is in June, we can expect this update to land sometime in May or June.


After June, Apple will mostly completely shift focus to iOS 17, and we won’t see much with iOS 16 updates anymore. We’re done with all the major feature drops for iOS 16.

macOS 14 might have better continuity with iOS and more refinements, but we won’t see any significant new features.

If you’re currently on a beta of macOS 13.4 and have problems, you can contact Apple Support on Twitter or start a discussion on Apple’s Forums. For serious issues, service centres will be able to assist you better.

If Apple knows the problems with betas, it’ll make the software more stable when it rolls out for the public. You still have the option to downgrade back to macOS 13.3.1 if you don’t like the beta software.

If you’re not on the latest macOS 13.3.1 update yet, we recommend updating as soon as possible since the update contains fixes for two critical security vulnerabilities with macOS. Otherwise, these exploits constitute a significant security concern.

We haven’t seen any abnormal battery drain or heating problems with the update. There aren’t any widespread app crashes, so the update gets a green light from us. We’ll update you if there’s more information on macOS 13.4 or 14.

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