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New India Assurance – Find Benefits of Its Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy

Amit works in a private firm in Mumbai.

He lives with his family. There are five members in his family: his spouse, a child, and elderly dependent parents.

A monthly salary of 60k is sufficient for Amit to handle a family of 5.

Just a few months back, Amit’s father had a stroke. He became partially paralyzed.

Amit took him to a nearby hospital where the doctor advised for hospitalization for a couple of weeks.

This naturally is a setback for Amit as treatment at the hospitals are very expensive these days. And the bills came around 3 lakh.

Since Amit’s father had no mediclaim plan, Amit had to pay the bills using his credit card. He thought that he would convert the amount into EMIs.

The point is what if Amit would not have a credit card? How does he pay the EMIs? What if other members in his family fall ill?

After all, 70 thousand is not a big amount to survive in the city like Mumbai.

This is where the New India Assurance Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy comes to play a significant role. With a comprehensive mediclaim plan, you would never have to worry about finances or compromise on the treatment quality.

Mediclaim for Senior Citizen:

A senior citizen mediclaim policy for the parents of Amit is a wise idea. In general, the entry age for a senior citizen health plan is 61 years. Several insurance companies set the entry age limit to 69 years.

So, sooner you buy a policy, the better as the premium will be lower, benefits higher and chances of rejection less.

After a waiting period of two years, pre-existing ailments are also covered.

In Amit’s father health condition, New India Assurance Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy can help.

Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy of New India Assurance

Senior Citizen Mediclaim policy provided by New India Assurance us suitable for people between 60 to 80 age group. Maximum cover under this plan includes up to Rs. 1.5 lakh.

With no break, this policy provides coverage for both the insured and spouse up to the age of 90.

Pre-acceptance Health Check-Up:

Pre-acceptance health check-up is also available under this plan but at the customer’s expense. The health check-up is essential to determine any pre-existing diseases.

However, this medical check-up is overridden if the policyholder already has a plan with New India Health Assurance.

The Policy Coverage:

Key benefits of the senior citizen mediclaim policy of New India Assurance are the following:

  • Pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses for critical illness and accidents
  • Cashless treatment at network hospitals
  • Cash reimbursement in case of non-network hospitals
  • Pre-hospitalisation expenses within 30 days before hospitalisation
  • Post-hospitalisation expenses up to 60 days after discharge and the entire in-patient hospitalisation expenses
  • The fees of the surgeon, medical practitioner, anaesthetist, and consultant consume 25% of the assured sum
  • Pre-existing conditions like hypertension, blood pressure, and diabetes are covered on an extra payment after a specific waiting period
  • Costs of treatment for pre-existing diseases and an additional 10 per cent premium for every pre-existing ailments.
  • Complete reimbursement of health check-up costs in case of 4 continuous free claim years.
  • Emergency ambulance expenses of up to 1000
  • 10% discount on your spouse’s premium.
  • 5% increased in sum assured which can go up to 30% in every claim-free year
  • 48 months waiting period to cover age-related diseases like osteoarthritis, knee replacement, joint replacement, and osteoporosis.

Important Exclusions

Like in other policies, there are some exclusions in the mediclaim policy of New India Assurance as well. These exclusions are:

  • Diseases contracted within 30 days of insurance.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Cosmetic surgery.
  • Dental treatment except for the treatment due to an accident.
  • Vaccination and Inoculation.
  • Debility and General Run Down Conditions.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and HIV (AIDS).
  • War, Act of foreign enemy, radioactive contaminations and nuclear weapon.

Bottom Line

The mediclaim policy provided by New India Assurance Mediclaim can be customized as per the need of your parents.

Some of the useful features like ‘No Claim Bonus’ (NCB), ‘complimentary health check-ups,’ and facility to add conditions like hypertension and diabetes to the base policy make this policy unique.

So, if your parents are senior citizens, and you have not bought a mediclaim plan for them, you’re doing a great mistake. Buy them a comprehensive plan today, so that they can live a healthy life and you don’t have to encounter any monetary problem as Amit faced.



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