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An introduction to Corporate Group Health Insurance

As the name suggests, Corporate Group Health Insurance is a scheme, wherein the company provides the health insurance for its workers. In some cases, the plan includes the family of employees as well. For the salaried class, a group health insurance is of the most lucrative offering by the employers. These policies are equal for every personnel, as it offers the same benefits to all the members of the group or organization, who are being insured. The corporate group health insurance is generally of two types, which are as follows:
a) Contributory policy – In this kind of group insurance, the employees, along with the company or employer, are required to make payment of a part of their premiums.
b) Non-contributory plan – Here the employer is eligible to make the complete payment of the premium of mediclaim policy.

But, what is so attractive about these plans? The answer to this lies in the amount of premium. The group health insurance is quite cheaper than individual health plans. In fact, it is a breakthrough tool for many people who are not in a financial position to buy a health cover for themselves. The insured workers should raise every sort of query related to the benefits, exclusions, features, etc. of the policy so as to utilize it properly.

Many people doubt the affordability of the group health insurance policy. But, it is available at the subsidized price, just due to the fact that in this type of scheme the risk gets distributed among several members of the policy instead of an individual. Under this plan, the premium is set by accessing the risk aspect of each employee enlisted in the scheme. Following that, the risk factor is calculated and the premium amount is fixed at an average risk pricing of the group.

Every company with more than 50 employees is legally obliged to offer a corporate health plan. The ones with less than 50 workers are not obliged by law, but as per the industry experts, they should also initiate to secure their employees by providing the group mediclaim policy.



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