Do you want to produce effective Facebook ad copy? Do you want to improve the performance of your Facebook ads? Here are some ideas for writing Facebook ads that convert!!

In August 2019, Facebook updated the visual appearance of adverts, resulting in less visible ad copy in the news feed.

Just 3 lines of text are now visible on the mobile news feed, that's where the majority of mobile traffic arrives. Users must click a popup after these three lines to continue reading.

Consider these proposals to improve your ad as a whole before diving into strategies to optimize specific areas of your Facebook ad copy.

1. Know Your Audience

Before launching Facebook ads, Aneesh Babu of Backlinkminds recommends two things: "perform a competitive analysis and understand your audience."

2. Define Goals for Each Component of Your Ad

"Breaking down a Facebook ad into its components—text, title, description, image, CTA—and then defining the goal of each component," says Autumn Sullivan.

3. Choose the Most Important Component

According to UNINCORPORATED's Robert Johns, " the copy and creative need to work together, and only one can accomplish the majority of the work."

4. Use Expressive Words

 Use evocative words and stories into your advertisements, "anything that wakes them up and pulls them away from reality, such as Exclusive."

5. Include Numbers

Using figures, percents, or other data/numerical facts you have to capture the attention of the audience.

6. Ask a Question

"Ask a question to engage your audience," advises Jake McKenzie of Auto Accessories Garage. "Ask questions rather than make statements."

7. Call Out Your Audience

"Calling out my audience in the headline works best for me," says James Marques of Iconic Genius. Like Hello, Digital Marketer.

8. Spend Most of Your Time on the First 200 Characters

"Think of the first 200 characters as the ad's headline." It's the only thing users will notice first.

9. Speak in the Language of Your Customers

"When it comes to writing ads for Facebook, nothing beats voice-of-customer data," says Steve James of Stream Creative.

10. Use Short Words/Sentences and Include Emojis

"When writing your copy, imagine you're telling a buddy about a new product launch don't forget to add relevant emojis."