WhatsApp users can now exchange larger files in addition to responding to conversations with emojis, as the file transfer size has been expanded from 100MB to 2GB.

WhatsApp's message reactions feature, which was revealed last month, will now be available to all users.

It will function similarly to Facebook's reactions, according to GSM Arena. Long-press on a WhatsApp message to select the emoji with which the user wants to respond.

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook post, users may currently choose from six emojis, but WhatsApp has agreed to extend compatibility for more emojis and skin tones in the future.

The message reactions function is currently accessible for some WhatsApp users on the most recent version, but it will take a week or two until it is available to all WhatsApp users worldwide.

Besides, WhatsApp has doubled the maximum number of participants allowed in a group chat, from 256 to 512 people.

According to GSM Arena, the platform is "slowly rolling out the ability" to create groups of up to 512 members.

As a result, users will have to wait until they can join a WhatsApp group with more than 256 members.