What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows you to share, discover, and save your own or others posts to your profile, making it a collection.

Why Pinterest?

People use Pinterest to find and store images of clothes they wish to buy and -Pinterest is powerful -Pinterest is growing  -Pinterest is unique  -Pinterest is free

Is Pinterest an App or Not?

Use the Pinterest mobile app for iOS or Android, or use the site's recommended browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge on the desktop.

What Exactly Is Pinterest Used For?

Consider Pinterest to be a virtual bulletin board or pinboard with organisational and bookmarking features.

Find photographs you like on Pinterest on the web that you like and save them to your Pinterest bulletin board if you're interested in a subject like cooking or decorating.

Make several bulletin boards to keep track of your interests. Make a wedding board, a cooking board, and a decorating board, for example.

How to create a business account?

There is currently no way to create a business account directly using the app. You must complete the task on the Pinterest website.

Create a new business account: 1. Visit Pinterest for business. 2. Fill in the asked details, 3. Read the Business Terms of Service, accept, and click “Create Account”

To convert your personal account to a business account:   You may easily convert your personal account to a business account if you have already created one.

1. Go to the “Convert to business account” page on Pinterest's website. 2. Fill in your business name and website (optional). 3. Click “convert“

Why business account?

Business accounts have access to a few more features such as Pinterest Analytics. Moreover, you will also need a business account to create ads on the platform.

What is pinterest board?

A Pinterest board is a collection of pins that users store. Each board usually has its own distinct theme or purpose.