Video Marketing

Video marketing is when we use videos in our ads or social media posts to attract, engage or drive sales to our product or service.

Today, video marketing is the most effective means of converting viewers into buyers since it captures people's interest and does not bore them.

The Importance of Video Marketing

Marketers are becoming more willing to create quality videos as technology improves. But it isn't the only reason video is becoming the most popular method..

The growth of smartphone technology, for example, made watching videos easier and faster. The pandemic then increased internet media consumption in the United States by 215 percent.

By 2022, viewers are spending an average of 19 hours a week watching videos online. For brands that want to succeed, ignoring video marketing is no longer an option.

Video marketing encourages social shares.

For generating engagement on social media, video is the second most popular content category.

Video has always been the focus of platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are promoting videos now.

Video marketing improves SEO and boosts conversions and sales.

31% of marketers use video to improve SEO. When websites use video, their search engine rankings improve.

More than 60% of marketers claim their customer acquisition costs have increased. Simultaneously, 83 percent of video marketers claim video helps them create leads.

Video marketing appeals to mobile users.

As per a Statista survey, 77 percent of respondents polled watch online videos on their smartphone or tablet.

Video marketing is great for educating and building trust.

While 91.9 % are happy to see any form of video, 31.3 percent prefer how-to videos and 29.8 percent prefer educational videos.

This is one of the reasons why influencer marketing is expected to expand from $9.7 billion in 2020 to $16.4 billion in 2022.

The video marketing market is massive. So, if you want to advance your online career, you should learn video marketing.