Google Adsense is a popular (and "free") technique to monetize online content. Displaying Google advertisements on your websites and blogs pays.

In order to get started with Adsense, you absolutely need to have Google approve your website or blog, which can be a tough and challenging process.

Along with the pre-established standards that you must follow, Google additionally evaluates the validity and usability of your web material using its own algorithms.

The following are some suggestions from GrowReachMedia for your website that will assist you in looking at things through the perspective of Google Adsense:

Genuine, Relevant & Quality Content

Before applying for Google Adsense, your website must have enough relevant content. You article must have atleast 1000 words.

Proper Navigation

One thing like this will keep your website's users content and maintain an eye on your Adsense application. Utilize breadcrumbs.

Good Design

Bad website/blog design will drive away traffic, no matter how good the content. For users to enjoy your website's content, it must be beautiful and well-structured. Fonts are crucial.

Website Speed

Speed is as crucial as design for a decent website. A slow website will discourage visitors.

Main Pages

Your website must have important pages like About us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer & Contact us. These pages just cannot be avoided at any cost when you build your website.

Avoid Prohibited & Copyrighted Content

Google Adsense's conditions state that any illegal content (hacking, cracking, pornography, etc.) will result in application rejection.

Remove all non Google Adsense ads

We all enjoy generating income from our websites or blogs, but occasionally we need to turn to other sources of income like Bidvertiser or Infolinks.

Provide Accurate Information

All Google Adsense application information must be accurate. Incomplete applications are denied.

Domain Age

Google's criteria state that any website from India or China must be live for 6 months before being considered.

Number of posts

There's no minimum number of posts required, but one should have at least 30 quality posts before applying for Adsense.

Outbound links

Avoid connections to copyrighted or unlawful websites. Your Google Adsense application will be rejected.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google has made this great tool to help you find errors that might be causing problems on your blog or website so you can fix them.

Google Webmasters can assist search engines index your sitemap. Before applying for Google Adsense, fix all errors this tool identifies.