Stranger Things' fourth season is over already? Star Wars and Marvel are boring you? Perhaps you should view Dark,

Dark is a brilliant show that masterfully integrates internal family drama with time travel. It is one of the rarest things in the world: a show that never suffers from a lapse in quality.

At its foundation, Dark is a mystery television show. Similar to Stranger Things, the television series it is most often compared to

The first season of Dark mostly focuses on the hunt for a missing child. However, the child in this show has not escaped to a parallel universe.

but in another era It was 30 years ago. Soon, Dark will be a multidimensional and multi-time zone television program.

Dark is complete. It executes intricate, intertwining plot twists at a level that makes Westworld appear to be a pretend-clever children's programme.

The carefully written exploration of shattered familial interrelationships and small-town claustrophobia earns these twists.

It's a programme that handles the dangers associated with time travel stories deftly. The storyline in Dark is really complicated.