Season 4 of Stranger Things is split into two volumes, the first of which released on Netflix on May 27, 2022 and the second on July 1, 2022.

The fourth season, like the others, jumps in time to March 1986 and travels to places other than Hawkins, Indiana, like Russia and California.

The Duffer brothers claimed that this was necessary to expedite the release of episodes to fans due to the fourth season's record-breaking length.

Stranger Things 4 has nine scripts, over 800 pages, two years of filming, thousands of visual effects shots, and a runtime nearly twice as long as any prior season.

Season 4 volume 1 left many questions unresolved. Vecna is Victor Creel's son Henry, who subsequently became Dr. Martin Brenner's subject 001.

It wasn't clear if Eleven's memory of him helped her regain her powers or if Nancy escaped Vecna's Upside Down. How will Joyce, Hopper, and Murray return?

Plot specifics for volume two's "Papa" and "The Piggyback" are being kept under wraps, however clues can be found in the 14 June photos.

Eddie offers Lucas, Erica, Robin, Steve, Dustin, and Nancy a well-worn book, revealing that Nancy has emerged from the Upside Down.

Others are included here. Eleven and Dr. Brenner are seen in the secure facility; Lucas and Max are seen in a dimly lit room; Robin, Steve, and Eddie are seen driving through an overcast Hawkins;

 Argyle, Will, Mike, and Jonathan are seen driving through the desert; and Dmitri, Murray, Joyce, and Hopper are seen staring perplexedly at something that is off camera.

Netflix offered a volume 2 preview on 9 June. In the 30-second film, Eleven looks into the gate she made while Vecna growls, "It's over." You've liberated me."

The camera turns to Robin, Nancy, and Steve in the Upside Down after Dr. Brenner evaluates the damage. Dustin and Lucas appear terrified.

Vecna may have discovered yet another victim, as evidenced by Hopper and Murray inspecting an alien-like creature in a tank, a huge explosion, and someone levitating.