Do you want to improve your SEO? To improve your ranking, use this list of actionable and simple SEO techniques.

Website owners who want higher search engine rankings should implement SEO. To boost rankings and traffic, use SEO best practices.

SEO focuses on search engines and user experience. Google updates its algorithm, so strategies from five years ago won't work today.

Let's take a look at some of the Advanced SEO Techniques that you can implement as part of your ranking strategy.

1. Optimize Your Site To Be Mobile-friendly

Mobile-friendly sites perform better in SEO. Mobile indexing became an SEO ranking factor after Google's 2016 update.

2. Boost Underperforming Pages With Internal Links

Internal link anchors (clickable words) may also affect Google's ranking. John Mueller has confirmed this.

3. Focus On Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO doesn't require online sales. Users should find your business. Your website's contact information and directions can help customers find you.

4. Keep Updating The Old Content

Instead of writing a new article, add more information to the existing one. Update the title to reflect current trends.

5. Maximize On Social Media

If you look at trends and statistics of social network use in the last decade, you'll see that the number of users keeps rising.

6. Research Your Keywords Well

Discovering what people want is easy. You can then modify your content to meet reader needs.

7. Rely On The Available SEO Tools

If you are a digital marketer, you must have realized the importance of SEO tools and structures. Use them in your SEO strategy

8. Write Better Headlines

Writing blog posts helps you get involved and rank well. Using keywords helps search engines find your posts.

9. Link Building

You must implement the best link-building strategy to avoid penalties from toxic backlinks. Links on official websites are preferable.

10. Use More Infographics

Infographics can simplify complexities. Highly visual, they easily capture audiences and convey messages.

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