Scott Disick is reportedly dating a little older woman instead of his previous preference for younger women.

Scott Disick, 39, allegedly started seeing American socialite Kimberly Stewart after splitting from his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Donaldson.

According to a source, the couple has been "dating for a few months" and is "very into each other."

Model and the creator of Talentless had a long friendship. Stewart's brother, Sean Stewart, introduced the two. They shared the same friend group and frequented the same social circles, according to a different source.

The newlyweds reportedly intended to keep their courtship a secret because they are reportedly "not serious yet."

The insider stated they are "getting to know each other in a different way than viewing each other as friends" despite the relationship appearing to be casual.

Disick and Stewart have been the subject of discussion before. There were rumours that the father-of-three was seeing the television personality back in 2015, following their public breakup from their longtime partner, 43-year-old Kourtney Kardashian.

The public was reassured by her mother, Alana Stewart, that the two were merely friends.

Scott Disick has continued to get media attention since splitting from Kardashian. On the E! reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, his relationship with the mother of his children was extensively covered.

In addition to developing a positive co-parenting relationship with Kardashian, Scott Disick began dating Sophia Richie, 24, a childhood friend of Kylie Jenner. They began dating when the model was 19 years old.

Shortly after Richie, the businessman was connected to Amelia Hamlin, 21, another youthful and famous child.

The self-proclaimed Lord (Scott Disick) has developed a reputation for favouring much younger women. The Kardashians, a new Hulu series, has highlighted the contentious age differences between him and his partners.