Cross-channel live redirects are a new feature on YouTube that allows streamers to send live viewers to other channels.

What Are YouTube Cross-Channel Live Redirects?

When your livestream ends, you can divert viewers to another one of your choosing.

Cross-channel live redirection are similar to Twitch raids in that they allow a creator to divert their audience to a different broadcast once their own has finished.

Let's imagine a friend or coworker is streaming and you'd like to direct your visitors to their channel in order to assist them grow.

You can do this using YouTube live redirection. When your livestream ends, YouTube's autoplay feature will automatically redirect your viewers to the next livestream you select

Live redirection can help your audience find new channels and watch more live video on YouTube, in addition to assisting the other broadcaster.

If you have over 1000 subscribers then you just have to take permission of other creators before you may move your audience to their broadcast.

Enable YouTube Live Redirects

Login to YouTube Studio  Go to Settings  Click on Community Under Live Redirects, enter specific channels you want to allow to redirect to yours  Click Save

How To Redirect Your Live YouTube Viewers

– Click Edit – Select Customization – Under Redirect, click Add. – Search for and select the stream your viewers will be sent to

When your broadcast is finished, you'll see a confirmation with the URL to which your viewers will be routed.