Meta, is giving small businesses the attention they deserve. As a result, Meta is increasing its small business suite.

 The new tools  are intended to  assist in the generating leads and the  acquisition of  new customers.

During National Small Business Week, Meta introduced new lead generation and content sharing options for small businesses.

A WhatsApp chat ad type has proven to be an excellent approach for potential consumers to learn more about them and engage in conversation.

Meta is using this new data to create Facebook and Instagram advertising that can be created directly from the WhatsApp Business app.

Without the usage of extra tools, the Meta Business Suite's marketing messaging can help you drive more sales and long-term customers.

Some other New Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition Tools includes  - Quote Requests in Instagram -Lead filtering with Instant Forms -Creative flexibility -Gated content 

The Quote Request is presently being tested with a few businesses. It basically lets businesses to put a "Get Quote" button on Instagram profile & Instagram Stories.

Lead screening will be available to businesses in the near future. This will be accomplished by going over the answers to a multiple-choice question.

By creating gated content, SMBs can provide leads with resources after they fill out the Lead Ad form. This allows the user to stay directly on the platform.