Mercedes Benz G Class model is a blingy, boxy and brash SUV of the company that serves dynamic performance, classy look and advanced interior

This is a complete SUV model without curves. It has limited driving aides that differentiates it from other models in the segment.Mercedes-Benz G-Class

In 1970, Mercedes-Benz first designed G Wagen for military Shah of Iran.In 1970, Mercedes-Benz first designed G Wagen for military Shah of Iran.

This Mercedes-Benz G-Class is built with options like Bluetooth connectivity, quality navigation with 40GB HDD for music and maps

iPod connectivity, a sunproof, HD radio and satellite, DVD player, audio player, real-time traffic, leather and wooden heated steering and comfortable leather seats.

The latest Mercedes-Benz G class is powered by a solid twin turbocharged V8 5.5L engine that carries 388 horsepower and produces 536 bhp maximum power.

This engine serves smooth functionality with its engine power and 7 speed automatic transmission. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The G class car of Mercedes Benz  G-Class  promises to provide 13 mpg overall mileage to users. At present, there are 2 models of G class and two of them serve same mileage.

This Mercedes-Benz G-Class class series boasts of swift and smooth performance that adds fun to drive. The hefty control of this car catches the attention of everyone.

The stability control of this car is superb that does not let driver feel tired while driving the G class cars.Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Being a luxury model, Mercedes Benz G class has to combat with other luxury models available in the market. The present competitors of this car are QX80 Infiniti

Porsche Cayenne and Land Rover Range Rover. The QX80 is an SUV that carries amazing styling, but costs less than G class. On other side

Standard Mercedes-Benz G-Class class interior includes automatic environment control technology, upholstery made in leather, power locks and windows