Mercedes Benz AMG engine Many standard Mercedes-Benz engines are naturally-aspirated, meaning that the air they use for the combustion process is drawn in naturally by the compression of the engine.

A turbocharged engine uses a mechanical device called a turbocharger to force more air into the engine, using an exhaust-driven turbine.

High-Performance Transmissions in Mercedes Benz AMG With all the extra power offered by the Mercedes-AMG turbocharged engines, high-performance transmissions are required to efficiently transfer that power to the vehicle’s wheels.

Both transmissions provide quick shifting with a clutchless manual mode and three automatic driving modes, including “Comfort,” “Sport,” and “Sport Plus.”

Mercedes Benz AMG Interior Vehicles in the Mercedes Benz AMG series feature custom interiors with features like prominent AMG® badges, upgraded upholstery, including high-quality leather, custom trim

including wood accents, premium sound systems, premium navigation systems, custom racing seats, custom AMG® floor mats, and driver assist features such as active lane keeping assist, rear-view cameras, attention assist, active brake assist etc.

Other available safety features include multiple-airbag systems, active head restraints and intelligent headlight systems

Each interior offers premium comfort for both the driver and the passengers, with plenty of features that make the vehicle easy to drive and increases its safety and performance.

Upgraded Suspension in Mercedes Benz AMG AMG models feature upgraded suspensions with features like specially-tuned shocks, specially-designed front and rear axles, steel suspension struts, air suspension, automatic leveling, and three-stage traction control systems.

All of these features combine to create a suspension that is stiffer and sportier than a standard Mercedes-Benz, improving handling and cornering, especially at high speeds.

Performance Brake System in Mercedes Benz AMG To provide plenty of stopping power, Mercedes-AMG offers enhanced braking systems on their vehicles, featuring components such as cross-drilled, large-diameter rotors, performance brake calipers with specially-designed pistons

Custom Wheel Packages in Mercedes Benz AMG Mercedes-AMG vehicles feature custom wheel and tire packages that are not available on other Mercedes-Benz products, including high-performance alloy wheels in custom sizes and finishes.