Marketing automation is a software that automates/simplifies marketing tasks in complex digital marketing campaigns. Email marketing, live chats, and website monitoring, etc. are all examples of this.

What is the purpose of marketing automation?

Marketing automation helps you get greater outcomes by simplifying your digital marketing operations, reducing human error, and increasing efficiency.

You may focus on more strategic duties like planning/design, goal setting, doing research, developing branding consistency, measuring KPIs, etc. instead of completing manual, repetitive operations.

Marketing Automation can streamline the following tasks:

 -Nurturing of leads -Segmentation of the audience -Cross-sell and upsell -Analytics and reporting -A/B testing -Etc.

How does marketing automation help marketers?

Marketing automation software automates manual and repetitive procedures, resulting in more efficient processes.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

It enables marketing teams to accomplish more with fewer resources. 63% of companies expect to see its benefits within six months of implementation.

1. Increased conversion rates

When lead generation campaigns are handled through marketing automation, its easy to target the right customers t make right offers

2. Stop wasting time on ineffective campaigns.

Make data-driven decisions regarding marketing initiatives and allocate marketing funds to those that will bring in the most money.

3. Improved customer retention levels.

Customer retention is just as necessary as customer acquisition. Marketing automation provides upsell and cross-sell opportunities and other initiatives.

4.Keep everything in order

To meet goals, marketing automation sorts transactions, aligns activity, sets manageable schedules. Everything runs more smoothly as a result of it.

5. Increased employee productivity

Your employees can leave repetitive, manual tasks behind and focus on strategic issues which make their jobs easier, productive, and engaging.