The Lucid Air sedan, whose level of sophistication and creativity is as novel and unexpected as the multicolored tree bark.

The compact, power-dense motor's stator winding consists of 24 square copper wires "woven" into a practical configuration requiring minimum bonding.

Lucid shifted the cooling routes to the small intervals between winding channels, using magnetic-field "dead zones" in the stator body.

Instead of increasing motor torque and transmitting it through heavy diffs, Lucid puts a small diff inside the rotor. Yes, two reduction gears are needed.

If talking about Lucid Air price - 2022 Lucid Air costs $77,400. That's mid-range for luxury electric cars.

A tiny planetary unit on each side of the motor keeps things light and triples the power density of top competitors.

The cells connect to the bars through lower-resistance ribbon connectors instead of wires, and heat is transferred away from the cell ends.

According to Lucid, this leads to quicker installation and more effective cooling, plus it gets rid of the bulky, expensive adhesive in the pack.

It can "jump-charge" other EVs. It absorbs 300kW of 800-volt power and handles 19.2 kW of level-2 home charging.

The Lucid Air Dream and Grand Touring will have 451-520 miles of range from 118 and 112 kWh of battery capacity.

Later, a 92-kWh battery will offer roughly 400 miles of range (and several more inches of foot and legroom in the back seat).

Vortex airflow helps pull more air into the front cooling ducts and keeps air linked to the smooth underbody's diffuser fences.

Narrow tyres and a low roofline reduce frontal area and drag, allowing most models to achieve higher highway economy than in the city.

The Lucid Air is the most energy-efficient big electric vehicle in America, with EPA combined ratings that range from 111 to 131 mpg-e.

leading the Tesla Model S (96-120 mpg-e) and Audi E-tron GT and Porsche Taycan (70-79 mpg-e). EQS gets 97 mpg-e.

With its ultra-slim micro-lens array LED headlights, Lucid improves design even farther. They create a pattern of light that is as dazzling,

By rejecting both Tesla's extreme minimalism and the Mercedes EQS' concept of wall-to-wall screens, the interior design forges its own path.