If you want to launch a lead generation campaign for your business, landing pages are very important tool to use.

If you're just getting started with a PPC ad campaign for your company, avoid committing these landing page mistakes.

Having Several CTAs

A confused mind will always say no. As a result, ensure that you only have one call to action button. Like BUY NOW or LEARN MORE.

Not using story telling

People enjoy hearing personal stories, and telling them on your landing page makes visitors feel more connected to you.

Not using high-quality images

People adore attractiveness. That's why High-quality photos are always used on a high-converting landing page. 

Your Landing Page Loads Slowly

Your customers' time is valuable; if your landing page is taking up too much of it, they will go elsewhere.

Not Having a Guarantee

Giving a 100 percent guarantee should not be a problem for you if you are confident in your product. However, it will assist you in increasing sales.

Lacking a Persuasive Headline

A compelling headline is the next thing a visitor sees after viewing colors, so make sure you use one.

Using the incorrect or many fonts

To keep the landing page basic, utilise only two fonts throughout instead of three or four.

Not including a breakthrough sub-headline

Don't overlook the sub-headline; it's really persuasive. Use this area to help your visitors with their problems.

Not Having Branding

You'll undoubtedly mess up if you use random colours for your landing page. As a result, keep your Landing Page's colors simple.