I got to drive the e-Soul almost immediately after driving the EV6 and I know which one I’d take home.

Kia unquestionably makes some of the world’s most capable electric vehicle and it was already doing it before the arrival of the advanced new EV6.

The manufacturer’s previous generation of electric vehicles, like the highly appreciated Niro EV, have been impressing owners Kia Soul EV

And after driving the Euro-spec e-Soul (exactly the same vehicle, just sold under a different name) immediately after driving the even newer EV6

First let’s talk powertrains and range. The EV6 can be had with two sizes of battery pack, and with the larger of the two available packs

he e-Soul also gets two sizes of battery, but with the bigger of the two packs, the vehicle is only rated at 457 km (283 miles) and as I discovered driving it in winterKia Soul EV

When I picked the car up, it was fully charged with the outside temperature being just barely above freezing.Kia Soul EV

The vehicle showed up to 380 km of maximum range, which is an impressive number given the fact that the vehicle only has a 64 kWh battery pack.

The e-Soul proved quite efficient on the move too and with my sporty driving style (the vehicle was very frequently in Sport mode just because it was really fun to punch the accelerator)

Interestingly, the newer, more advanced EV6 didn’t edge me on to drive in the same manner and I actually had more fun in the e-Soul

My 201 horsepower e-Soul tester also felt considerably quicker to accelerate compared to the EV6 Long Range rear-wheel drive Kia Soul EV

This has to do with the fact that even though the e-Soul has slightly less peak power, it has more torque and is significantly lighter.

And it was this lightness that made me really enjoy driving the e-Soul, making it a more simple affair than with the EV6.