The Kia Carnival is available in 4 variants and 3 colours. Here are more Kia Carnival details such as prices, specifications and mileage.

You can also check out the Kia Carnival on-road price and EMI. Our detailed Kia Carnival comparison further helps you compare the MUV with its rivals.

The new 4-seater Kia Carnival comes with a plethora of new features that enhance the overall comfort and luxury that the car has to offer. For instance, the rear seats use top-quality foam and 3D quilted Nappa leather.

Passengers can operate the seats of the new 4-seater Kia Carnival with a 7-inch touch-type integrated controller located between the rear seats or a smartphone application.

Kia  carnival has also reworked the rear-seat lighting and air conditioning and added a foot massager located at the bottom of the front left of the second row.

To further enhance passenger comfort, Kia has tuned the suspension setup of the new 4-seater Carnival. The company is also using the 3.5L petrol engine that promises to deliver uninterrupted power without compromising the NVH levels of the vehicle.

The styling and interior layout are what sets the kia Carnival apart from rivals such as the Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna.

For now, electrified versions and all-wheel drive are unavailable, so the kia  Carnival cannot match the Pacifica or Sienna on either front.

The kia Carnival also isn't as good to drive as the Odyssey, though Kia's infotainment and driver assistance technologies are more advanced than what Honda provides.

However, persistent rumors of an upcoming kia Carnival hybrid suggest that electrification could arrive soon.

The kia  Carnival's V6 engine makes a stout 290 hp, but in our testing we found the Carnival to be no quicker than the average minivan.

The kia Carnival's steering has some vagueness off-center, so driving down a long straight highway requires a bit more attention to keep it in line.