Each have their own unique character, whether that be the purity of the coupé, or the freedom and carefree attitude that comes with the convertible. Jaguar F-Type

F‑TYPE’s swept-back headlights are elongated and meld into the car’s aerodynamic lines. Animated Directional Indicators glide across the ‘J’ blades, adding to the sense of theatre.

At the rear, F‑TYPE's LED tail lights wrap around to the wheel arches, emphasising the car’s muscular stance.

The interior of an F‑TYPE is an exciting place to be. The lightweight seats are a snug fit. Controls are intuitively accessible. Instruments are clear and simple. Jaguar F-Type

F‑TYPE’s performance seats are 12‑way adjustable, so you can settle into your own personal sweet spot. Plus, there’s the option of heating or cooling for even greater comfort.

A choice of five colours to suit your mood. Premium cabin lighting provides an additional touch of personalisation. Jaguar F-Type

There is no wrong answer when choosing your F-TYPE. With a choice of models, including the new F-TYPE R-Dynamic Black, to select from,

F‑TYPE is powered by the most thrilling of Jaguar’s petrol engines, all of which feature innovative technologies for improved fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, without compromising on performance.

All models, from the 300PS 4‑cylinder to the 575PS V8, feature an Active Sports Exhaust system. Choose to make this switchable,

Strong performance with refinement and efficiency. The 2.0 litre 300PS 4‑cylinder Turbocharged Petrol engine  Jaguar F-Type

Powerful and refined. The compact Supercharger’s boost control and secondary throttle valve give you the full 450PS burst Jaguar F-Type

when you accelerate, with zero lag. Choose Rear Wheel or All Wheel Drive for optimum performance in all conditions. Jaguar F-Type

Rapid acceleration and engine response delivered by F-TYPE R’s 575PS engine offers even greater all-condition performance.

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But where’s the fun in that? A beautifully proportioned chassis, Jaguar F-Type

taut suspension and responsive steering all combine to make F‑TYPE astonishingly agile, keeping you firmly connected to whatever road you take.