Instagram is expanding a function that filters out sensitive information, which could have an impact on certain accounts' reach.

Users may control how much sensitive content they see in Search, Reels, Accounts You Might Follow, Hashtag Pages, and In-Feed Recommendations.

The Sensitive Content Control was at first implemented in July 2021; however, it was only applicable to the Explore feed at that time.

If enough individuals use Sensitive Content Control, your posts' reach may be decreased if you create content that Instagram considers'sensitive.'

Content Control Filters Content That Could Impact Community Safety

Instagram defines sensitive content as "posts that don't necessarily breach our guidelines, but may be distressing to certain people."

This includes:

- Content that may depict violence  - Content that may be sexually explicit  - Content that promotes the use of certain regulated products or depict cosmetic procedures - Etc.

Controlling Sensitive Content on Instagram - There are three options for controlling sensitive content on Instagram.

The options are:  - Standard: Default state, which limits some content.  - More: Allows users to opt-in to more sensitive content. - Less: Restricts sensitive content to a greater extent

Instagram Tools Aim To Allow Users To Customize Experience

Sensitive Content Control is the latest option Instagram gives to let users customise their experience.

Comment Control, Restrict, Block, and Mute are some of the other features. Over time, Instagram aims to improve and expand these tools.

To change Sensitive Content Control, follow these steps:

- From your profile, click "Settings.  - Tap "Account" then "Sensitive Content Control"  - Choose a content level.  -"Confirm"