Instagram today added new tools to Reels, giving users more options to express themselves through short video clips.

These tools are designed to assist content creators in connecting with their audiences, attracting viewers, and expressing themselves in new ways.

More than 675.3 million people are currently using the video feature of the social media platform, making it the feature that is increasing at the fastest rate.

This indicates that a greater proportion than one quarter of Instagram's more than 2 billion users make use of this functionality.

Instagram Reels now allows users to directly submit their own audio files, in addition to updating its sound effects library.

Suitable for commentary, jingles, or background noise, Creators can import sound from any five-second video on their camera roll. These recordings will be used in other Reels.

Another change involves length restrictions. Instagram users can now publish videos that are up to 90 seconds long, up from 15 seconds previously.

The maximum length of a reel ad is now 60 seconds. Interactive stickers that were previously only accessible for Instagram Stories can now be used in videos as well.

Instagram now allows Reel templates from other videos. Users can upload and trim their own clips by adding audio and clip placeholders.

Since 2018, online video views have nearly doubled, making it a valuable marketing tool. Reels have proved to attract viewers.

Instagram says public accounts with more than 10,000 followers who posted at least five reels in 60 days got 250 percent more followers.

Instagram video postings have a 1.5% interaction rate, which means people aren't just browsing. 86% of buyers are more likely to buy a product with "shareworthy" Instagram post.