Are you having trouble coming up with Instagram content that is relevant to your business objectives? Are you looking for a solution to increase engagement?

In this web story, you'll learn about several ideas you can use right now to expand your Instagram audience and sales.

1. Use carousels to break up long educational posts.

Instagram carousels catch readers with an introduction image and keep them scrolling with up to nine subsequent images or videos.

2. Provide consumers with useful product information

You can provide them buying suggestions or teach them the initial step in using your product or service.

3. Post DIY tutorials

Want to show your audience more of what you sell? With a product demo, you can show customers your product in action.

4. Show the Before, Reveal the After

Fitness, beauty, and hair-care brands benefit from before-and-after photographs. Realtors, builders, and interior designers can also use this content.

5. Spotlight a Product Line

Product photographs are a terrific method to show followers what your company sells and keep your brand in front of their minds.

6. Design a Product to Demonstrate Its Versatility

Styling ideas can assist your audience imagine how they'd utilise your things, from apparel and beauty to furniture and home goods.

7. Remind Customers About a New Product Launch

Product launches benefit from Instagram's Reminder feature. Feed posts or planned lives can have reminders or countdowns.

8. Post a question or poll to encourage engagement

Ask your audience for their comments, DM them for further info, or encourage them to tag friends who may enjoy your business.

9. Invite Followers to Create Content, Then Repost It

Encourage people to submit images of your event, the store where they got your product, or how they styled it.

12. Organize a Competition or a Giveaway

Contests are a great way to re-engage your existing audience as well as attract new followers to your account at the same time.