Instagram ads vs Facebook ads

This all depends on many factors like your target audience, your business model etc. But in our opinion go and test both and check your results.

What is the impact of Instagram ads?

Instagram is gaining popularity. Instagram is used by around 1 billion people per month, with 500 million users per day.

Why should I advertise my business on Instagram?

Advertising allows you to increase brand visibility and exposure, as well as get new followers and drive more traffic and sales.

From where to Manage Instagram ads

You can use Facebook ads manager for managing Instagram ads. Go on ads manager and  choose placement  as Instagram.

Do I have any control over my ad?

You have complete control over the money you spend every day or lifetime, link clicks on the article, bid technique, and even when your ad is displayed.

What are the best methods for Instagram ads?

Define your target market, take some insights from your previous social media activity, and compile a thorough competitor study.

How can I know which ad is best for my business?

You won't know except you try, though. Instagram ads are ideal for testing out new ideas. Make one of each style of ad and watch how they perform.

How do I start Instagram ads?

You'll need Facebook business page and an Instagram business page. Make sure they're linked. Now go to Facebook Ads Manager and select Instagram from the placement area.

Instagram ads cost

CPC & CPM are the two types of Instagram ad cost. Usual CPC can be anywhere from $0.20 to $0.80, and it can even reach $5 CPM if your ad gets a great attention.

Most effective types of Instagram ads?

- Instagram Stories Ads - Instagram Videos Ads - Carousel Ads - Ads in Carousel - Instagram Collection Ads

Any Instagram marketing advice?

You must focus on captions, hashtags, communicating with followers, and actively establishing a large, engaged community on Instagram.