42% of respondents globally, including in India, said they had visited a retailer in the virtual world to get advice and make a payment or browse a product range when shopping for a physical item

Despite the hype surrounding the metaverse, approximately two-thirds (64%) of buyers worldwide, including those in India, acquired a virtual commodity.

or had a virtual experience in the previous year, a figure that is expected to climb as 83% express interest in making transactions in the metaverse.

Consumer-facing businesses such as retail, consumer goods, and tourism will benefit from the expanding use of immersive technology such as augmented and virtual reality,

According to a global poll conducted by Accenture, companies must raise investment in new skills and experiences to combine the real and virtual worlds or risk being left behind.

"By embracing the metaverse, businesses can rethink consumer experiences and revolutionise how products and services are created and given," said Anurag Gupta, MD and lead, Accenture India.

More than half of consumers (55%) believed that digital spaces are becoming more important in their lives and careers.

The metaverse will have a beneficial impact on organisations, according to 72 percent of worldwide CEOs, with 45 percent saying it would be breakthrough or revolutionary.

Half of consumers (50%) indicated they are purchasing, or are considering purchasing, a travel experience such as a sightseeing tour or a hotel stay.

For entertainment, 54% of consumers stated they are buying, or are interested in buying, tickets to a virtual world concert, show, or sporting event.

"To benefit from the new opportunities that may arise in the future, consumer-facing businesses must focus on skilling and investing in a strong technical foundation," Manish Gupta said.