YouTube is the second most visited website on the world, after Google, YouTube's parent company. As a result, your business should also have a presence there.

There is a massive audience on YouTube. In comparison, 69 percent of adults in the United States use Facebook, while nearly 75 percent use YouTube.

Half of YouTube users watch videos on a daily basis. Wouldn't it be great if they gave your content a look? It's also simple to create a YouTube account.

You might believe that learning how to create a YouTube channel is more difficult than learning how to use other social media platforms. NOPE..

In 5 easy steps, you can start your own YouTube channel.

- Create a Google account first. If you already have one, you can skip ahead to the next step.

Step 2: Create a YouTube account

Your Google account automatically creates a personal YouTube account for you. To use YouTube for your business, however, you will need to create a Brand Account.

Step 3: Personalize YouTube Channel

Customize your channel from the dashboard. Layout, Branding, and Basic Info help optimise your channel for audience discovery.

Step 4: Upload your first YouTube video

To share your first video, click Create in the top-right corner and follow the instructions.

Step 5: Ensure that your YouTube channel is searchable

You'll want to optimise your channel and videos for discovery if you want to get more views and subscribers.

Here's how you can customize your videos

-Optimize video titles -Optimize your YouTube description -Add tags - Cross-promote on other social channels -Understand the algorithm

Here are 5 ways to grow YouTube channel

1. Use eye-catching channel art and thumbnails Make a great impression with your channel art and thumbnails.

2. Select the ideal channel icon

A channel icon is like a logo for your YouTube presence. It should match your brand and complement your channel banner.

3. Create playlists

The best way to keep your viewers on your page is to organise and create video playlists on YouTube.

4. Create a channel trailer

When someone discovers your channel for the first time, a channel trailer allows them to get a sneak peek at your content. Make the most of it.

5. Understand your audience

It's hard to create compelling content if you don't know your audience, so create a persona first.