The Honda CR-Z is, without a doubt, a relatively unusual and quirky hatchback. Despite its sharp looks and two-door layout

it was powered by a tiny hybrid engine that didn’t exactly scream speed.However, it remains to be seen whether they managed to secure the vehicle’s warranty, given that it was four years old.

Thanks to poor sales figures, the CR-Z got the corporate ax back in 2016. However, a new end of year sales figures by Honda reported by Motor1 show that one brand-new CR-Z found a home in 2020.

If this is the first time you hear of the existence of the Honda CR-Z, you’re not alone. Introduced in 2010, the CR-Z was meant to be a small

The very last model year, the 2016, had a base price of around $21,000. Under the hood of this tiny hatchback lives a 1.5-liter inline-four-cylinder engine coupled with a hybrid-electric system.

To make sure pedestrians didn’t overtake the CR-Z, Honda kept the curb weight down. The lightest model available tipped the scales at 2,670 lb

However, the CR-Z’s most interesting aspect is that it was sold with an available six-speed manual transmission.

What makes this peculiar is the fact that hybrid vehicles are almost always sold with automatic transmissions.

Despite this, the Honda CR-Z never really sold well. According to CarSalesBase, the best year for the model was 2011, when Honda managed to sell 11,330 units.

As a result, it’s not surprising that the plug was pulled on this quirky hatchback. However, the CR-Z manages to live on.

When the Honda CR-Z was killed off, there were many hatchbacks still left at dealerships across the country. As a result, 2017 saw 705 cars sold, says CarSalesBase.

2018 saw a sharp dip down to just 38 cars sold, cementing the fact that there were almost no CR-Z’s left in the country.

A look through Honda’s entire 2020 sales figures reveals that this lonely CR-Z was purchased in February 2020.

This means that one unknowing customer went out before the world fell apart to a global pandemic and purchased what may be the last brand-new CR-Z available.