On Facebook, almost ten million people advertise. Facebook has almost 2.7 billion members, and people now spend more than two hours every day on social media platforms.

That's a significant amount of attention! You'll be able to contact your target audience regardless of their age, gender, occupation, or (nearly) anything by using Facebook advertisements.

How do marketers create and manage their Facebook ads?

The quick answer is Facebook Ads Manager, which includes everything you'll need to optimize your ads and run effective campaigns.

Where is Facebook Ads Manager?

Bookmark this link to Facebook Ads Manager. You'll be taken straight to your own ad account's Facebook Ads Manager.  https://www.facebook.com/adsmanager/manage/campaign

How to set up your Ads Manager account

In order to use Facebook Ads Manager, you need a verified payment method and: -A Facebook Page or -Be an admin, editor, or advertiser on someone else’s Page

Types of Facebook Ads Objectives 

– Brand awareness – Reach – Traffic – Engagement – App installs – Video views – Lead generation – Messages – Conversions – Catalog sales – Store traffic

How To Add Someone To The Facebook Ads Manager?

You can add people to your Facebook ads manager account and can  choose to give them full admin access or access to setup and edit ads.

Here's how to add someone to the Facebook ads manager account

Step 1: Click on Ads Manager settings. Step 2: From the "Ad account roles" section, select "Add People." SWIPE

Step 3: Enter the name or email address of the person you want to give access to. Step 4: Choose their role from the drop-down menu & click "Confirm."