Get to know Google Web Stories. Discover the features & benefits of Google's immersive storytelling format and see whether it's right for your brand.

This mobile-focused, graphically stunning content structure reminded me of the "stories" feature that is common on many social media platforms.

The foundational technology is based on accelerated mobile pages, which have generated some debate in the market.

Google Web Stories in May 2020, which they describe as "a web-based variant, allowing artists to host and own their material," as opposed to AMP Stories.

What Do Google Web Stories Do?

A visual content format that can be displayed online is Google Web Stories.

Due to their capacity to be seen in full-screen mode, Web Stories are marketed by Google as being "completely immersive."

Where Do Web Stories Appear?

Among the plethora of story-telling features available in apps, Google Web Stories stand out since they can be viewed throughout the web.

Google's Web Stories can be housed on a creator's own website, in contrast to the likes of Instagram Stories, which must be seen on that platform.

The accessibility of Google Stories from the SERPs is one of the key advantages over competing social media story formats.

Google declared that they would add Web Stories to Google Discover feeds in India, Brazil, and the US in October 2020.

How Do You Create Google Web Stories?

Google is guiding publishers through the creation of Web Stories while holding their hands.

WordPress Integration Google has partnered with WordPress to create a plugin that allows publishers to create web stories directly on their WordPress site.

The XML sitemap of the WordPress website will include the stories as they are developed, making it simpler for Google to find them.