Google remembers the globally famous Anne Frank with an animated slideshow. June 25, 2022 is the 75th anniversary of the publication of her diary.

The Doodle includes actual passages from her diaries that depict her experiences hiding for more than two years with her friends and family.

Anne wrote the diary from 13-15. Her story of the Holocaust and conflict is one of the most tragic and widely-read, according to Google.

Annes's personal account of the Holocaust is widely considered one of the most essential books in modern history. She was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany. 

To avoid the increasing hatred and murder against millions of Jews and other minorities by the rising Nazi party, her family eventually fled to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Anne was 10 when WWII began. Germany invaded the Netherlands once the war began, bringing war to Sonn's family. Nazis persecuted Jews.

They were imprisoned, executed or forced to relocate to inhumane concentration camps. Millions of Jews were forced to flee their homes or go into hiding.

Anne's family had to leave practically everything behind to seek safety, like millions of others. Anne's meagre items included a striped hardback notepad from her 13th birthday.

She filled its pages with a loving depiction of teenage life in the "hidden annex," from minor details to her deepest dreams and concerns.

She was hopeful that her diary entries could be published after the war. Anne consolidated her writing into one cohesive story titled “Het Achterhuis” (“The Secret Annex”).

The Nazi Secret Service discovered the Franks on August 4, 1944. They were arrested and forced to do hard labour in custody.

Anne and her family members were then forcibly deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland where they lived in cramped, unhygienic conditions.

Anne and Margot Frank were sent to Bergen-Belsen a few months later. Nazi troops killed inmates brutally and transmitted terrible diseases.

The horrible conditions Anne and Margot were made to endure ultimately claimed their lives. Anne was only 15 years old when she passed away.

"The Diary of Anne Frank" is one of the most widely read non-fiction books ever written, despite Anne's death during the Holocaust.

It was translated into upwards of 80 languages.Frank's narrative is used to teach youngsters about the Holocaust, discrimination, and dictatorship.