Weirdly enough, however, Renault has decided to form a partnership with Chinese automaker Geely for the development of its future cars.

We are happy to initiate such an innovative partnership with Geely Group, which has impressive track record in Automotive Industry.

Through this project, Geely Holding and Renault Group pave the way to pursue 20 years of successful RSM journey and contribution to the South-Korean industry."

The new vehicles will be produced at the Renault-Samsung facility in Busan, South Korea, with production forecast to begin in 2024, and they will be sold in the local market as well as for export.

The CMA platform has been developed collaboratively by Geely and Swedish luxury automaker Volvo, which the Chinese automaker owns.

"Geely has a proven track record in creating mutually beneficial collaborations that focus on technology, experience and shared ideas

We are looking forward to working with Renault and realizing new synergies that combine strengths from both parties to create value for the end user.

This partnership will enable both Geely and Renault to expand its presence further in Asia, as well as give Renault access to Geely’s advanced electrified powertrains.

Meanwhile, Renault will combine its French design and customer service expertise in catering to the South Korean, and eventually the potential export markets where these vehicles will eventually be sold.

Geely Auto is a young company but it has already established itself in the automotive world; it sells the best selling domestic vehicle in the Chinese market,

it has developed small displacement turbo equipped vehicles to deliver the best compromise between power and frugality

it has an innovative new energy strategy that aims to further the take up of New Energy vehicles and is committed to producing a new energy solution for everyone of its products.

Based in Hangzhou, China, Geely Auto has manufacturing facilities across the globe. Geely Auto is also committed to world-class research and development in the auto industry.

It has established the Geely Automotive Research Institute in Hangzhou and the world-leading Geely Research Institute in Hangzhou Bay, Ningbo to focus on development of vehicles

Other facilities include Design Centres in Barcelona, Gothenburg, California, Coventry, and Shanghai.Geely Cars

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