The Ford Fiesta ST isn't as fierce as the fervent Ford Focus RS, but it just makes it more endearing, um, enjoyable.

If you care about that, the Ford Fiesta ST's manual only gearbox is approachable, its suspension is sporty but not harsh, and it actually uses less petrol than average.

While the Ford Fiesta ST is incredibly inexpensive entertainment, the less-than-impressive cabin and small back seat are a holdover from the earlier, less-exciting Fiesta.

Nevertheless, this tiny performance hatchback is a back-to-basics choice that benefits drivers of all levels of experience.

Although we appreciate Ford's decision to continue selling the Fiesta ST for one additional model year rather than halting manufacture, this just postponed the inevitable.

Most of its competitors, such the Ford Fiesta ST, are extremely fuel-efficient and provide more thrills than fill-ups.

After May 2019, no new Ford Fiesta ST models will be produced. The tenacious little hatchback's current model, meanwhile, is unchanged for 2019.

The Ford Fiesta ST is more affordable than prestigious competitors like the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Honda Civic Si coupe.

The Ford is hence among the best performance values money can buy. The Fiesta ST remains considerably below $30,000 even when fully equipped.

The remaining choices are hardly necessary, especially since Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which are both standard, eliminate the need for navigation.

The Ford Fiesta ST comes equipped with a navigation system, heated Recaro seats, black 17-inch wheels, red brake callipers, and metallic Orange Spice or White Platinum paint hues.

Perhaps the only vehicle that keeps manuals alive is the Ford Fiesta ST. The only available transmission, a six-speed row-your-own gearbox, is mated with the fast, boosted 1.6-liter four-cylinder.

Furthermore, the Ford Fiesta ST readily makes up for its lack of straight-line speed thanks to its lively handling. jerking the ST through winding two-lanes and empty parking lots

The exhaust of the Ford Fiesta ST doesn't howl or snarl, but it makes enough noise to let everyone know that this is no average budget car.

The accommodating chassis and smooth manual transmission of the Ford Fiesta ST enable novice drivers to excel and cunning veterans to push their boundaries.