Pushing back the limits, DS 3 Crossback is a vehicle of distinctive sculptural styling and exceptional proportions, available in 100% ICE (Internal Combustion Engines - petrol & diesel)

DS 3 Crossback is both a city car and a long-distance road car. Pushing conventions aside, it opts for spectacular technologies including DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights, flush door handles etc.

Elegant and attractive, DS 3 Crossback is for all those looking for a car with instant appeal that is stylish, high-tech, comfortable and dynamic.

DS 3 Crossback is identifiable at first glance as a premium, compact SUV, with its moderate length of 4.12m, broad on-road stance and large wheels (690mm, 18"), as well as its ground clearance.

At the front, the DS  3 Crossback  WINGS form a finely chiselled setting for the sculpted, vertical lines of the emblematic DS grille.

The DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) with their pearl-like vertical LEDs and the tapered headlights of the DS MATRIX LED VISION system suggest a contemporary edge and performance DS 3 Crossback

The rear sits squarely on the road, its broad, powerful shoulders striking an evocative note of imposing style.DS 3 Crossback

The folding flush-fitting door handles are both elegant and modern. Premiered at the start of the summer 2018 on the DS X E-Tense Dream Car DS 3 Crossback

The principle is simple: the door handles are available to users when required. The rest of the time, they fold into the vehicle sides.DS 3 Crossback

The car unlocks and the four handles deploy automatically so the driver and passengers simply get in and drive away. DS 3 Crossback

It all starts on the outside: 10 wheel themes, 10 body colours - including the superb Millennium Blue seen on the DS X E-Tense Dream-Car - and three roof colours make up the initial personalisation process.

The ultimate aspect of the personalisation process is expressed with the five DS 3 Crossback  Inspirations: DS MONTMARTRE, DS BASTILLE, DS PERFORMANCE Line

DS RIVOLI, DS OPERA and for the ultimate expression with La Première limited edition. These Inspirations mix and match colours and materials inside and outside the car, to meet individual tastes and requirements.

The Inspirations set their stamp on the interior styling for a chic, modern result, featuring grained or full-grain Nappa leather with an 'Art Leather' finish DS 3 Crossback

top-stitching in a pearl or diamond pattern, braided textiles, Alcantara®, a steering wheel fully upholstered in full-grain leather including the airbag cushion and chrome trim features DS 3 Crossback