Established 73 years ago, Frasers Livestock Transport may well be the oldest substantial livestock trucking business in Australia still under original ownership.Dodge Cummins

Frasers today runs a fleet of 50 prime movers and 150 trailers operating as single, B-double, B-triple and roadtrain configurations.Dodge Cummins

Dodge Cummins Home base is at Warwick in Queensland and the company transports more than four million head of livestock a year

Ross Fraser is managing director, with trucks and livestock having been locked permanently into his life for many years Dodge Cummins

His brothers Les and Peter were also bred into the trucking business, and they play key roles in the day-today operations as directors.

Their parents, Charlie and Edna Fraser, started the company in 1944 with a LendLease Ford carting poultry, grain, wood and hay in the Warwick district before focusing on livestock transport.

Cummins South Pacific managing director Stephanie Disher was recently introduced to the Frasers business, watching the company’s cross-loading in action

with a module system that won two Queensland Safe Work Awards and also a National Safe Work Australia Award for ‘Best Solution to an Identified Workplace Health and Safety Issue’.

“The dangers of cross-loading cattle between roadtrains are enormous. It’s one of the most dangerous activities in the cattle transport supply chain Dodge Cummins

Frasers designed and custom-built a cross-loading module, a simple but highly functional piece of equipment that provides significant improvements to animal welfare Dodge Cummins

The module incorporates a series of elevated platforms, over-trailer walkways, sliding gates and barriers.Dodge Cummins

“The acceptance has been unreal,” says fleet manager Mark Collins, pointing out the company now has three cross-loading modules, at Toowoomba, Roma and Rockhampton.

He also reveals big time savings: “We recently transferred 42 decks of cattle from Curley (Cattle Transport) to seven of our triples in Roma  Dodge Cummins

The Dodge Cummins system is easy to use and has straightforward choices and prompts. It also has a huge, well-positioned 8.0-inch touchscreen that responds swiftly to user inputs.