But with the seventh-generation G30 in production since 2017, its predecessor is starting to show its age,BMW F10

So what can you do? Do you really have to upgrade to the latest BMW 5 Series, or can you stick with the F10 a little while longer?

To help you decide, we take an in-depth look at the bmw F10 5 Series, how it is for owners and what you can do to revitalize your older vehicle.

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Let’s start simple. BMW uses so many overlapping terms — BMW 5 Series, BMW 535i, BMW F10 — that things can easily get a little confusing. Of the three

F10 is the one you’re probably least likely to hear. People usually refer to their cars as a BMW 325i or BMW 335i, rather than an F10.

It’s clear how everything fits together when you break it down, though. The 5 Series is BMW’s family of executive cars, sitting above the more compact 3 Series and below the luxurious 7 Series.

The F10 is the model code BMW uses internally for the sixth-generation 5 Series sedan, produced between 2010 and 2016.

BMW’s 5 Series has always proven popular, and that didn’t change with the sixth-generation F10.

For each different body style in a series and generation, BMW uses a separate model code. Most of the world had three sixth-generation 5 Series models to choose from: F10, F11 and F07.

The bmw  F10 is the standard, four-door sedan. Within the same model family is the F11 wagon (branded as the 5 Series Touring), and the F07 5 Series Gran Turismo

That means there’s no way of knowing whether BMW 530i refers to a family-friendly wagon or an executive sedan.BMW F10

Being newer, the current G30 5 Series packs in more technology than its predecessor, but the BMW F10 was quick to get the latest features available at the time, so it doesn’t lag too far behind.

If having a car with plenty of tech matters to you, you won’t be disappointed by a used F10 5 Series with the Technology Package.

BMW F10  Enhanced Bluetooth (S6NSA) was sold as a standalone option, so is not included as part of the Technology Package.