The $73,874 V-8-powered BMW E39 M5, which debuted to worldwide acclaim, was recognised as the pinnacle of the 1997–2003 E39 BMW 5-series.

Even when a V-10-equipped BMW E39 M5 took its place, this M5 continues to be a Car and Driver favourite. It won our hearts in an instant.

Anyone who can afford a Toyota Camry or even a Corolla can now afford this magnificent automobile thanks to depreciation, and diligent inspection can help you find a deal.

If seals inside the engine's two double-VANOS variable-valve-timing units—which adjust intake and exhaust cam timing using oil pressure—fail, the 394-hp V-8's delight might turn to misery.

The complete unit can be replaced for more than $4500, according to BMW E39 M5. Instead of replacing the full VANOS device, replacing the seals is more affordable.

Some owners believe their vehicle is cursed, while others believe repairs are an inevitable part of owning a semi-exotic car like BMW E39 M5.

The thicker rear anti-roll bar bushings, control arms, and ball joints on the BMW E39 M5 are prone to wear and tear.

A thorough pre-purchase inspection will enable you to estimate the cost of the suspension, which, in the case of the BMW E39 M5, may determine whether you decide to buy or not.

The combustion chambers, exhaust ports, and secondary air ports of the BMW E39 M5 should all be checked for carbon buildup.

The cost of repairing the secondary air system obstruction may be higher than VANOS replacements, making it the most expensive repair of all.

The clutch on the BMW E39 M5 is yet another weakness. When mistreated, it ages quickly. The M5 also consumes brakes, oil, and tyres.

Every 600 to 700 miles, a quart should be added. Additionally, there was a recall on engine cooling fans that might have affected BMW E39 M5s from the first year.

One needed replacing the front engine seals, which cost $4000 at the dealer but could be done for $500 locally.

The other required a $500 repair to correct a leaking cam cover of BMW E39 M5. The car started to operate erratically once the check engine light illuminated.