Writing blogs to attract organic traffic requires planning and commitment. In other words, it won't work until you have a strategy, and it won't happen overnight.

When you begin creating high-quality content, be sure to avoid these common blogging mistakes that can ruin your blog and postpone your success.

If you've been blogging for a long time and still don't see enough traffic, then probably you're doing some blogging mistakes.

1. Selecting wrong niche or topics

Most bloggers, in my experience, begin their journey by picking the wrong topic or niche. After a while, they become bored with their niche and quit it.

2. Picking the Wrong Hosting Company

Another common mistake made by newbie bloggers is choosing a poor hosting company. This causes their blogs to load slowly or even go offline sometimes.

3. Not publish consistently

See, if you want more traffic, you must provide your readers with more and more information. So make it a habit to post articles on a regular basis.

4. Writing Without an Outline

Making an outline before writing the entire blog post allows you to write faster since you know how your blog should be structured.

5. The content is poorly formatted

Nobody will read your blog post if it is poorly formatted. Make sure to include headings, subheadings, bullet points, bold text, and other formatting elements.

6. No Internal Linking

Internal linking is a main part of SEO. So try to add more and more existing content to your new blog post.

7. Not updating older content

If visitors arrive at your site and discover outdated information and broken links, they are unlikely to be impressed.

8. Avoiding the use of social media

When you publish a new content on your website, try to promote it on your social media platforms to increase traffic.

9. Failure to respond to comments

If you want to turn your readers into customers, make sure you answer all of their questions in the comment section.

10. Not adding Subscribe form

This is really important. You must have to add Subscribe Form on your website so that you can collect Emails of your readers.