Here are our suggestions for social media platforms list you should care about in 2022 to assist you decide which social media networks are right for your brand this year.

1. Facebook

If you want to target an adult audience and have interesting visual (or video) content that may attract their attention, you should favor Facebook.

2. YouTube

If your audience is under the age of 50 and consumes video material for education or enjoyment, you should prefer YouTube.

3. Instagram

If your target audience is under the age of 40 and you run a lifestyle, ecommerce, or photography brand, you should consider Instagram.

4. TikTok

You Should Prioritize TikTok if: You want to reach (and entertain) a young audience with fun video-based content that doesn’t often have a direct connection to your products or services

5. Twitter

You Should Prioritize Twitter if: Your audience skews toward the demographic of mature males between the ages of 30 and 60.

6. Pinterest

If your target audience is mostly adult women, and your business is related to lifestyle, fashion, décor, or DIY, you should prioritise Pinterest.

7. Snapchat

If you want to reach a young audience and enjoy creating bite-sized, engaging video content, Snapchat should be your top priority.

8. Quora

You can set up a Quora profile for your company or use employee to respond to questions about your products or services, as well as industry-related issues.

9. WhatsApp

Businesses can use WhatsApp's business platform to conduct customer service and update customers on their purchases.