Choosing a credible podcast hosting platform is Important for your podcast success since it will help you expand your audience faster.

When it comes to podcasting, it's not as simple as taping some audio and posting it to iTunes. With up to 900,000 podcasts available in the world right now, you need a strong action plan.

Here is a list of the Top Podcast Platforms that will help you increase your audience quickly and provide unique features designed to maximize the subscriber experience.

1. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout is in operation since 2009 and is trusted by 100,000+ podcasters. They are one of the few businesses that provide a completely free plan with multiple group member accounts.

2. Podbean

The best part about Podbean is that it also has an advertising marketplace where podcasters may monetise their podcast.

3. Transistor

Transistor allows you to broadcast several shows and create private and public podcasts under the same account without purchasing a separate hosting package.

4. RSS provides a variety of options, including as episode scheduling and social media integration, to help you manage your podcast and interact with your audience.

5. Castos

Castos provides works well with WordPress. As they provide a WordPress Podcasting plugin that allows you to manage your feed and publish new episodes directly from WordPress.

6. Blubrry

Blubrry provides a popular WordPress podcasting plugin called PowerPress, which makes managing a podcast straight from your WordPress website quite simple.

7. Smart Podcast Player

Smart Podcast Player is one of thebest podcast hosting platforms. It enables you to include a visually appealing media player on your website.

8. Spreaker

One notable feature is the availability of Live Podcasting. You can engage with listeners via the provided chatbox, and there are more connectivity methods.

This podcast hosting platform lets you host unlimited podcasts with 2,000GB bandwidth per month. That’s enough for over 60K downloads per month..

10. Simplecast

Simplecast has been in operation for almost six years and powers some of the most well-known podcasting brands, like Kickstarter, Nike, Facebook, and HBO.

 So these were some of the best podcast hosting platforms. If you want to start your podcast, consider one from them and grow your audience faster.