the 2022 audi  TT RS delivers sports car handling, muscle-car performance, and a high-end look and feel. Unlike rivals that use turbocharged four-cylinder engines or big-block V-8's

the audi  TT RS is powered by a unique turbocharged five-cylinder engine that pumps out 394 horsepower and gives the car a unique auditory signature.

The cabin is full of tech features and is draped in nice materials just like most other Audi  TT RSmodels—just don't expect the same brand of comfort that you'll find in an A6 sedan.

ts four-wheel traction combined with a set of winter tires means the audi  TT RS could be an ideal year-round option for enthusiast drivers who live in snowy northern climates.

Because Audi is discontinuing sales of the audi TT RS in the U.S. after 2022, so these special-edition models are the car's swan song here.

The Heritage Edition cars all come standard with unique 20-inch wheels, OLED exterior lighting, a sport exhaust system, and special Heritage Edition logos etched into the rear windows.

The  audi  TT RS's 394-hp turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine is unusual and alluring, and it makes a happy triumvirate with the standard Quattro

The seven-speed is more than willing to downshift as soon as you demand extra power, and the audi  TT RS surges forward with such immediacy and force that you may think you've been sucked into a wormhole.

Careful modulation of the throttle pedal transforms this athlete into a comfortable cruiser.Audi TT RS

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While an edgier suspension—sans adaptive dampers—is available, the setup makes it noticeably more difficult to feel when the audi TT RS is about to reach its cornering limits.

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Unless you plan on spending lots of time on a racetrack, we suggest passing on the Dynamic Plus package.Audi TT RS

Don't let the uncompromising performance fool you; the  audi TT RS's turbo five-cylinder is quite efficient

Inside, leather seats with diamond stitching are standard, as is the eye-catching, well-integrated aluminum trim of the cabin's design.Audi TT RS

However, absent from the car's hefty price tag are ventilated front seats, a power-adjustable steering wheel, and a memory function for the driver and front-passenger seats.

In our experience, the audi  TT RS's rear seats are all but unusable—except as a place to throw gym bags or a briefcase.

Working with limited space, the audi  TT RS's infotainment screen is not in the center of the dashboard but in the space traditionally occupied by the gauge cluster.