After being sued by their former landlord for failing to pay rent for the duration of their lease, Amy King (née Duggar) and her husband Dillon are going to court.

The jury trial, which will last two days, will start on January 24, 2023, with the mediation hearing slated for late December of this year.

A few years after the couple launched the Springdale, Arkansas outpost of their joint clothes store 3130, a difficult legal scenario arose.

In October 2018, they signed a five-year lease with Hillcrest Holdings LLC, with a $3,332.83 monthly rent commitment.

The next year, Amy and Dillon made the decision to increase their initial lease by adding a second apartment, raising their monthly cost to $6,665.66. Their agreement was to be in effect until May 2024.

However, the couple decided to relocate their company out of the property in August 2021, which "constitutes a default of the Lease and Amendment and a breach of contract," according to the lawsuit submitted by Hillcrest Holdings.

The complaint further alleged that "after June 2021, 3130 failed to make the required monthly rent payments to Plaintiff as required by the Lease and Amendment."

The parents, who have a 2-year-old boy together named Daxton, criticised the case and asserted that Hillcrest Holdings broke the terms of the lease even before they left the property.

Due to a dispute over costly renovations made to the store after they signed their lease agreement, Amy and Dillon are countersuing the corporation.

They asserted that the legal documents granted them a $31,250 tenant improvement allowance, with the lessees responsible for covering any further costs.

They assert that Hillcrest Holdings charged them $66,286 for the building's improvements, but they never received any "supporting documentation" that showed the figure was accurate.

According to information and belief, the landlord charged counterclaimants more than what [the contractor] or other contractors actually charged in violation of the lease and amendment, according to their countersuit.

"Landlord charged Counterclaimants for work conducted in units other than Suites B or C, or for work that benefited all units at 7321 West Sunset, which was not to be paid as part of the TI allowance agreement," the counterclaim states.