When you're in the driver's seat of a 2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, every commute can be a soul-stirring trip and every day can be a track day.

This Alfa Romeo 4c convertible offers gut-punching acceleration, sassy exhaust tone, and crisp handling.

There is very little capacity for cargo, the cabin is crowded, and there are no high-end entertainment systems or driver-assistance technologies.

The Alfa Romeo 4C 2020 is an Italian thoroughbred with the heart of a focused sports car—no more, no less.

Alfa Romeo's 4C coupe has been retired, however the convertible Spider model continues to be produced with few alterations for 2020.

Purchasing an Alfa Romeo 4C is surprisingly simple: There is only one available model, the convertible Spider.

if you want to drive the Alfa Romeo 4C frequently or every day, we recommend upgrading to the available Alpine sound system with subwoofer and the stone chip protection film.

The Alfa Romeo 4c's quick power-to-weight ratio and zippy steering ratio are both matched by its 237-hp turbo four and approximately 2500 pound weight.

The Alfa Romeo 4C nearly anticipates obstacles on the road, and its suspension is well calibrated for tackling apexes on a racetrack or winding along a narrow back road.

Its natural athleticism comes at the cost of an extremely rough ride on all but the smoothest road surfaces. It is also quick.

The interior of the Alfa Romeo 4C is reminiscent of less complicated times before electronic distractions like infotainment screens and Bluetooth audio players were ubiquitous.

Also avoid scheduling a trip to the food store in the Alfa Romeo 4C because the available cargo space is barely big enough for a backpack.

The basic audio setup is exactly what it says it is. But that doesn't matter because the Alfa Romeo 4C is always loud inside, so you probably won't be able to hear it.

A subwoofer and louder speakers are standard on the Alfa Romeo 4c. There aren't any more infotainment functions available.

Are you lost? Bring out your smartphone or a map. satellite radio SiriusXM? Disregard it. Wi-Fi on board? The Alfa Romeo 4c does not offer this.