Fans of Addison Rae are concerned for the influencer's health following the viral success of a TikTok video with her father, Monty Lopez, and a blonde woman.

Lopez posted a video of himself dancing with contentious online star Ava Louise on his public Instagram account.

Lopez tagged rapper Yung Gravy in the video, saying, "Come get your girl," and adding the hashtag #fake.

But Louise appeared to have contributed to the internet craze that their shared moment sparked.

Iliana Dandrea, a TikTok user, screen-recorded Lopez's remarks and identified Louise as Rae's new stepmother in her caption, which sparked more rumours.

The charges were immediately refuted by Louise, who declared, "This is going to be the most embarrassing family Thanksgiving of my life."

"I was not prepared to be a mother at only 24 but I will do my best for my new daughter I love you already @addisonrae," she continued in her caption.

Even while the internet back and forth seems strange, Lopez's interest in Yung Gravy may not be as random as it seems.

Although the interview was broadcast after news of Lopez's adultery broke, it appears that the rapper's love interest in his soon-to-be ex-wife, Sheri Easterling, is what has caused the friction between the two.

Although it's uncertain whether Lopez and Louise are actually dating, Rae's admirers are sticking by her despite the unfavourable rumours about her father.

"I would be so humiliated if this was my dad," one admirer said in response. Another remarked, "I literally cannot see my dad doing this to me. I'm terribly sorry for Addison."

Addison Rae is best known for starting the epidemic by licking a toilet seat and for spreading an untrue rumour about Kanye West and Jeffree Star that the rumor's originator later admitted to making up for publicity.

Fans shared their concerns in the social media comment sections of Louise and Lopez, but Addison Rae is persevering through the difficulties with her family.