A Consumer Reports survey released Thursday found that 26% of Americans wouldn't buy an electric car.

Purchasing an electric vehicle continues to be complicated by a number of factors, including cost, driving range, and availability of charging stations.

But Consumer Reports has identified a new factor: a lack of education around battery-electric cars, trucks and SUVs

14 percent of 8,027 adults would buy or lease an electric-only vehicle, 57% would consider it, and 28% wouldn't.

There was a correlation between age, income, and education level, and the inclination to drive one.

According to the poll, a lack of education about financial incentives, environmental impact, and EV operation hinders uptake.

46 percent of American adults are unaware of any financial benefits that may be available to owners of electric vehicles.

“Some of us have questions about the transition to electric vehicles, as many of us are unfamiliar with them,” said Dr. Quinta Warren,

Expanding charging choices and increasing incentives, along with education efforts and exposing more people to EVs firsthand, can all contribute to EV adoption.

When asked about their top three worries about purchasing or renting an EV, 61 percent of respondents said they were worried about the logistics of charging,

55% are concerned about how far an EV can drive before needing to be recharged, and 52% mention the costs of buying, owning, and maintaining one.